Sitemap - 2019 - AI Weirdness

Don't let an AI (even an advanced one) make you a cocktail

Bonus: the Cocktails of Captain Picard

The AI's Carol

Bonus: I don't remember carols being quite so violent

Play AI Dungeon 2. Become a dragon. Eat the moon.

Bonus: We're going on an adventure!

Finest Pies

Bonus: Shall I ask you again about the pie

Bonus: I am dead, but not without a goodly fortune.

How to begin a novel

I trained a neural net on my own book

Bonus: More neural net generated excerpts from my book

Easy Halloween treats generated by AI

Bonus: More easy Halloween treats

My TED talk on AI

Bonus: If machines truly become the food of the future, they'll have to become a bit of a mess

Things neural networks are saying about my book

Bonus: mystical, persuasive, wondrous, cathartic, and just plain awful

Halloween costumes by the neural net GPT-2

Bonus: An abnormal number of pants

Bonus: Honk!

A.I. versus confusing goose game

A.I.nktober: A neural net creates drawing prompts

Bonus: This must be a behavior

A neural net names mushrooms

Bonus: Moustache-Studded Toadstool

Dungeon crawling or lucid dreaming?

Bonus: Dungeon crawling with GPT-2

First there was SkyKnit. Now there's HAT3000

Bonus: HAT3000 turns everything into crochet hats

Bigger than before! A larger neural net tries to write fanfiction

Bonus: GPT-2 does 'romantic' fanfiction

Your new XFL football teams

Bonus: Please welcome The Fangry Jackals to the field!

Fun with a fake news generator

Bonus: More Fake News

Tasty British snacks

Bonus: Double-decker Ducky Doughnuts

An AI Weirdness book!!!

Bonus: Rejected AI Weirdness book titles

Bonus: The Teddy Bear Strikes Back

The world through the eyes of a neural net

The future of sparkling water

Bonus: Red Velvet LaCroix

This is what tea will be like in The Simulation

Bonus: A nice hot cup of Sassy Dropworm

Nothing to worry about, just mutant fruit flies invented by a neural network

Bonus: More of the flies

AIs named by AIs

Bonus: more Culture Ship names

This neural net knows your secret recipe

Bonus: Bake this!

This neural net makes my sketches real

Bonus: The Giraffe in the Hat

Once again, a neural net tries to name cats

Bonus: New Cats!

Neural net names effects pedals

Bonus: Disappearing Sheep Distortion

GPT-2: It can’t resist a list

Bonus: I dare not meet the emperor

This neural net would like to deliver these petitions

Bonus: Bring Back Lettuce Fries

What is the opposite of guacamole?

Bonus: More opposites

A neural net names racehorses

Bonus: Put all your money on Pickle Rake

Learning to hack like a faulty AI

Bonus: Pix2Abomination

Physics acronyms: there was an attempt

Definitely rejected astronomy acronyms

Discount Strong Bad emails

Bonus: very long post of Strongbad emails

Welcome to Word Vector Space

Bonus: A neural Gothic

H.M.S. Neural Net

Bonus: Ships you definitely won't find in Her Majesty's Fleet

D&D character bios - now making slightly more sense!

Bonus: D&D bios to make a bard weep

It takes a bot to know one?

Bonus: Black Beauty is a Good Horse

How a neural net makes cookies

Bonus: Mrs. Filled Cookies

A neural net designed some comics for you

Bonus: More comics you won't find in the newspaper

GPT-2: It learned on the Internet

Bonus: GPT-2 and the flourworms


Bonus: More GANcats

What do neural nets dream of?

Bonus: What a neural net dreams of (the sheriff's tentacles?)

Welcome to Latent Space

Bonus: More weird places in latent space

What the machines will debate when the humans are gone

Bonus: More debate topics

Training an AI assistant

Bonus: Recipe for ON cookies

10 things artificial intelligence did in 2018

Bonus: Recipe for Sugar Favorites