Sitemap - 2018 - AI Weirdness

A neural net names fireworks

Bonus: Questionable fireworks

A Very Special Christmas movie - courtesy of a neural net

Bonus: A Very Time Christmas

Don’t let a neural net mix drinks.

Bonus: Purp Frest: incompetent cocktails

Aw yeah it’s time for cookies with neural networks

Bonus: Old Brothesteer's Sugar Cufles

How to begin a song

Bonus: You're looking in my dangs - new opening song lines

How to make high-tech pies sound really old

Bonus: New pies that are somehow PG-13?

A neural network will write your D&D character bio

CNN headlines, according to a neural net

Bonus: More cake recipes

The creepiest images generated by BigGAN

Bonus: spooky BigGAN images

It’s neural net Halloween costume time

Bonus: Ms. Frizzle's Robot

Neural Horror Picture Show

Bonus: Man of the Caramel

New neural net snakes

Bonus: The Scare Snek

Imaginary worlds dreamed by BigGAN

Dreaming big: high-resolution generated worlds

Your pumpkin spice experience, brought to you by AI

Bonus: The Fall of the House of Pumpkin

College courses of the future, courtesy of a neural network

Bonus: Introduction to the Primal Programms

Neopets foods might as well be the product of artificial intelligence

Bonus: Lancy Jelly Ale

Heirloom apples you’ve never tried, courtesy of AI

Perfectly normal shopping malls, named by neural network

Bonus: The secret malls

Robotics teams: why not name them with a bot?

Bonus: More bot names for your robot team

This AI is bad at drawing but will try anyways.

Neural net does sound effects

Bonus: More sound effects

It’s time for Cooking With Neural Networks!

New Burning Man camps by neural network

A neural net tries writing Burma-Shave jingles

AI does not understand “sexy”

Nails by A.I.

Blue Boulders Problem 1: More rock climbing routes via neural network

The Visual Chatbot

Rock climbing routes generated by neural network

Why did the neural network cross the road?

Neural network-generated roller derby names

Metal Band or My Little Pony?

Generated ice cream flavors: now it’s my turn

A.I. scream for ice cream

D&D character names - generated by a neural network

NFL draft picks, as described by a neural network

SkyKnit: When knitters teamed up with a neural network

When algorithms surprise us

Neural network-named tomatoes you won’t find at the farmer’s market

April Fool’s pranks written by neural network

Dungeons and Dragons creatures, generated by neural network

When computers generate traditional Irish music

The Bands of South by Southwest, interpreted by neural net

Do neural nets dream of electric sheep?

New ways to market your self-affirmation talk, thanks to a neural network

More candy hearts by neural network

Candy Heart messages written by a neural network

New insect species, dreamed by neural network

You are Wrong about Music, according to this neural network

New bills introduced by neural network

Thesis titles generated by neural network

Wikipedia articles invented by a neural network